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Day 30: Windows fast and slow

I started my experiment — 30 days using a Windows 8.1 laptop/tablet hybrid (also known as a laplet) — on February 10. Today, Tuesday March 11, is the 30th day.

Tomorrow, I get to read the morning paper on my iPad — I’m looking forward to it.
I’m not so eager to return to the Windows 7-based laptop.

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Day 23: Keeping up with the news

Tuesday, March 3: It’s my 23rd day substituting a Windows 8.1 laplet (laptop/tablet hybrid) for my usual Windows 7 laptop and iPad. A week from tomorrow will be my last day of this digital experiment — I’m looking forward to that day.

One of many annoyances with using the laplet: When it comes to reading periodicals, Windows 8 currently doesn’t stand a chance against the iPad. To be fair, the problem is with the third-party apps, not the operating system itself.

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Day 16: My ASUS laplet and its troubled sleep

One thing really drives me crazy about my ASUS T100TA-C1-GR: It consumes electricity like crazy when it’s supposed to be in power-saving mode.

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Day 10: Changing the docking station

This is my tenth day (Feb. 19) using a Windows 8.1 tablet in place of both my Windows 7 laplet (laptop/tablet hybrid) and iPad. None of this would have worked without the generic docking station — a box that provides the ports needed to connect external monitors, a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and so on.

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Microsoft releases fixes for IE 9, 10, and 11

It’s been a rough week for Microsoft’s browser. Yesterday, Feb. 19, the company released Security advisory 2934088 for a zero-day threat to Internet Explorer 9 and 10. Then today, Microsoft posted an update for Adobe Flash Play, built into Win8/8.1 versions of IE 10 and 11.

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SkyDrive becomes OneDrive: New name, same wares

Microsoft has relaunched its cloud-storage service formerly known as SkyDrive. The company now wants OneDrive to be your go-to product for storing files, photos, and media in the cloud. If you’re a Windows 8.1 user, the change OneDrive will require no effort at all; you simply continue to access the files you save and use in your SkyDrive account — and eventually all SkyDrive labels will morph into OneDrive.

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Day 6: Saturday tablet nightmares

I generally don’t use my PC on Saturdays, but I do use my iPad. So Friday evening, I removed the Windows 8.1 tablet from the docking station to use it exclusively for reading and socializing.

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Day 3: The annoyances of the no-zoom tablet

By now, I’m pretty comfortable now with Windows 8.1 — as long as I ignore that it’s Windows 8.1. With StartIsBack installed, I can pretty much convince myself I’m using Windows 7. It’s when I remove the tablet from its docking station that the Modern world of Windows raises its revolting head.

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Living and working with a Win8.1 tablet: Day 1

As a test for Windows Secrets, I’ve put away both my Windows 7 laptop and my iPad for 30 days. In their place, I’m using a small, light, and relatively inexpensive Windows 8.1 tablet. My new workstation includes a generic docking station to connect the tablet to a full-sized monitor, keyboard, and other peripherals.

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A lively discussion about migrating off XP

We ran across a recent Windows Experience Blog post titled “Help your friends and family get off Windows XP.” The interesting information in the blog comes from the reader comments. It’s obvious that opinions about the direction of Windows are highly fractured.

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