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Woody Leonhard is a Windows Secrets senior editor and a senior contributing editor at InfoWorld. His latest book, the comprehensive 1,080-page Windows 8 All-In-One For Dummies, delves into all the Win8 nooks and crannies. His many writings tell it like it is — whether Microsoft likes it or not.

Win8 vs. Windows RT: What to know before you buy

I asked many computer salespeople about Windows 8 — and was truly shocked at inaccurate information provided about the new OS. Few knew the key differences between versions, and almost all offered “advice” that was way off the mark.

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A cheap, effective home server — using Windows 8

Windows 8 has taken it on the chin for all sorts of transgressions — both real and imagined — but for one application, it’s an excellent option. As a home or small-office server, it might be just the excuse you need to take advantage of Microsoft’s discounted Win8 pricing.

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Where we’re all headed with Windows RT

Last week, Microsoft released Windows 8 RTM to MSDN and TechNet subscribers and companies with volume licenses and Software Assurance. So a lot of people are getting a look at the final Windows 8 version. However, we’ve not seen much about its lighter compatriot — Windows RT.

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What to expect from the Windows 8 rollout

By the time you read this, chances are good that Microsoft will have its final, final version of Windows 8 ready. Basing my take on a few announcements and drawing on a little bit of history, here’s what’s likely to happen as Windows 8 makes it way to store shelves.

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Kill those Vista and Win7 gadgets now!

In the unlikely chance that you’re using Windows gadgets, you need to get rid of them — right now! Those seemingly innocuous accessory apps that you stick onto your desktop, included with Vista and Windows 7, could be used to subvert your system.

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Where we stand — and are going — with Windows 8

Work on Windows 8 is in the home stretch, but predicting its success is still pure speculation — probably more so than with any previous Window release. Microsoft’s announcement that it will build and sell its own Windows 8 computers just adds more drama to an already opaque roll-out schedule.

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