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Woody Leonhard is a Windows Secrets senior editor and a senior contributing editor at InfoWorld. His latest book, the comprehensive 1,080-page Windows 8 All-In-One For Dummies, delves into all the Win8 nooks and crannies. His many writings tell it like it is — whether Microsoft likes it or not.

Going Google (apps), Part 1: Move your mail

Are you getting tired of struggling with Microsoft’s increasingly complex, sometimes arcane, and always expensive versions of Office? This article, the first in a series, will show you how easy it is to move from bloated and pricey desktop programs to fast, free — though somewhat less capable — Google apps.

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Surviving your first hour with Office 2013

If you’ve looked into Office 2013’s “improvements,” they might have struck you — as they did me — as largely gratuitous, cumbersome, and designed more to add to Microsoft’s coffers than to improve Office productivity. Fortunately, there are ways rid yourself of Office 2013’s worst changes — if you know the tricks.

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Security alert: Remove Java from your browsers

With nearly every news outlet — along with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security — calling for its removal from PCs, who wouldn’t worry about running Java on their computer? Fortunately, there are steps every Windows user can take to lessen the chances of being bitten by a Java exploit.

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How to measure your true Internet speed

Curious about your Internet speed? Most Internet service providers (ISPs) offer some sort of throughput test tool on their sites — just click, and you’ll get a couple of often-impressive numbers. It’s in an ISP’s interest to provide the best speed numbers possible; your actual throughput is probably something quite different.

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Win8 boot guide: Your first hour with the new OS

Win8 is unique among Windows versions; every experienced Windows user will feel significant disorientation on that first journey into the new OS.
I call it “Metro vertigo.” To get you off on the right foot, here’s a one-hour intro to Win8 that will get you up to speed with minimal frustration.

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