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Fall from sky, meet scary pig, tell the tale

Sounds mythic, doesn’t it? But the faller from the sky, lander in the pigpen, and survivor of the attentions of the resident hog isn’t a person (or Greek demigod) but a camera. Thanks to the farmer who found the camera eight months after it landed, we can see the camera’s adventure — it was already running before someone dropped it. We don’t see its eight months of exile in the pigpen. That’s probably just as well. Click below or go to the original YouTube video. Post your thoughts about this story in the WS Columns forum. …This article is part of our premium content. Join Now.Already a paid subscriber? Click here to login.

Let’s talk about worrisome discoveries

Lounge members are discussing the Bash/Shellshock threat with a good measure of anxiety. The focus of the conversation is, of course, increasing our understanding of the bug so we might better protect our computer systems and devices. Contribute to the exchange of information in the Security & Scams forum. The following links are this week’s most interesting Lounge threads, including several new questions for which you might have answers: Office Applications     General Productivity Need documentation for Microsoft Communicator 2007 R2 Word Processing Word 2013: Table-of-authorities difficulties Spreadsheets UserForm chart from data sheet

Microsoft unveils preview of a new Windows

At a much-anticipated event held in San Francisco, Microsoft vice president Terry Myerson unveiled the official Technical Preview of the next Windows. The presentation packed several surprises, not least of which is the new operating system’s name: Windows 10. Depending on how you look at it, either Windows 10 is such a leap forward that there just couldn’t be a Version 9, or Microsoft is making a not-so-subtle attempt to distance itself from Windows 8. Joining Myerson on stage, Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore rousingly demo’ed some of Windows 10’s new features. (You can see the entire presentation on YouTube.) Keep in mind that this release is the Windows Technical Preview — it represents the final product but is certainly far from complete. If you want to do your own preview, sign up for the Windows Insider Program (site) and you, too, can try this early version of Windows 10. Here’s what you’ll find: A new Start menu: This change from Windows 8 is an obvious no-brainer. No one was going to accept Windows 10 without a real Start menu; Microsoft got that message loud and clear from its customers. In the new Start menu, the left half looks much like … Read More »

What ‘Shellshock’ means to you and me

<p class=”summary”>A Linux/Unix-based vulnerability, Shellshock, has an impact that reaches far beyond one operating system.</p> <p class=”summaryPlain”>As with Heartbleed, Windows users can’t ignore this threat. But the most difficult aspect of this outbreak is determining which devices are actually vulnerable.</p> <h2>A vulnerability in the Bash Linux/Unix shell</h2> <p>Your PC might be pure Windows, but chances are high that you have devices in your home running on Unix or Linux. I know I do &#8212; my Western Digital My Cloud networked backup drive, routers, Kindles, iPhones, and iPads all run some form of Unix/Linux. (Worse still, Unix and Linux are core operating systems on many enterprise-computing and storage systems.)</p> <p>Those non-Windows devices were relatively safe from malware &#8212; until now. As has been widely reported, the GNU Project’s Bourne Again Shell (Bash; <a href=”″>more info</a>) was found to be vulnerable. Bash is a text-based, command-line utility or Unix shell used by numerous versions of the Linux/Unix operating systems.</p> This article is part of our premium content. Join Now.Already a paid subscriber? Click here to login.